Onboard and Hand Carry Couriers United Kingdom

Welcome to Pony Express' exceptional On Board Courier Service, where delivering excellence is our mission.  We're thrilled to welcome you aboard this journey of secure international parcel delivery by hand carry and onboard couriers.

When time is the deciding factor, a high-priority prototype, a crucial time-sensitive document, or an urgent parcel, you can trust Pony Express to make it happen. Contact us now for a free, no-obligation quote, and unlock the power of seamless fast delivery service worldwide.

On Board Courier Service

For the epitome of overseas parcel delivery, Pony Express' renowned on board courier service stands as a beacon of reliability. Our commitment to your delivery needs knows no bounds, making sure your larger or heavier parcels reach their global destinations swiftly and securely.

The Benefits of On Board Courier Service

Imagine a personal guardian for your parcel, ensuring its safe passage on a direct flight.  Our on board courier service offers this exceptional level of care. With your parcel snugly stored either in an overhead locker or as checked luggage throughout the flight, you can rest assured that it's in the best hands.

Why Choose On Board?

The true magic of our on board delivery lies in the unbroken company of our courier with your parcel.  While conventional deliveries might consign parcels to shared compartments, our on board service offers an exclusive, personalised journey.  We understand the urgency behind time-sensitive deliveries and are dedicated to keeping a vigilant eye on your parcel from its origin to its final destination.

Specifics of On Board Delivery

For those contemplating on board parcel delivery, remember that we cater to parcels weighing under 7 kilograms, fitting seamlessly within an airplane's holding locker or 23kg for hold check-in.   This meticulous approach ensures not just convenience but also heightened security.  With Pony Express, your parcel's safe arrival is our utmost priority.

Navigating Customs and Beyond

Navigating the intricacies of customs regulations in the destination country can be complex.  We're here to simplify this process for you, by ensuring your parcel meets all customs requirements, we prevent any unforeseen hiccups with airport authorities.  If you're unsure about these regulations, our experts are just a phone call away. Contact us to discuss the fine details of your delivery, and we'll guide you through the entire process.

Why Entrust Pony Express?

In a fast-paced business landscape, where every moment counts, our commitment to promptness sets us apart. Recognising that conventional or traditional 3-5 day delivery windows are no longer adequate, we're determined to exceed your expectations.  We understand that your operations demand last-minute or urgent parcel deliveries, and we're equipped to rise to the challenge.

More Than Delivery - A Personal Touch

Parcel delivery is more than just a service to us; it's a commitment to speed and care.  When your parcel's journey involves overseas flights, ensuring it emerges unscathed and unlost is paramount.  Our couriers are dedicated to ensuring secure door-to-door delivery, providing the peace of mind you deserve.  We're not just about offering the best value; we're about delivering a tailored experience. Whether it's a sudden emergency or a consistent on board courier requirement, our bespoke business packages are designed to cater to your long-term needs.

Global Reach, Local Commitment

No destination is beyond our reach.  Our couriers boast extensive experience in delivering to the world's most iconic cities, including New York, Tokyo, Dubai, Paris, Singapore, New Delhi, Beijing, Hong Kong, and Los Angeles.  Our global prowess is complemented by our meticulous approach to assessing flight times, ensuring we pick the swiftest routes for your parcels.

Any UK airport is within our scope - Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, Manchester, Glasgow, or Birmingham.  Our priority is to ensure your convenience and provide the best value. By selecting the airport closest to your parcel's origin, we secure the most optimal flight options.

Redefining Delivery Timelines

Delivery times vary based on the destination, but rest assured, we're committed to same-day delivery whenever possible.  Swift action is our promise - we promptly assign a courier to collect your urgent parcel and choose the most efficient air transportation for expedited collection and drop-off.

Our refined global transportation networks have propelled our on board courier service to new heights of efficiency.  Exceeding your expectations is our norm, aiming to deliver within or even ahead of the estimated arrival time.

Empowering Diverse Industries

Every business, regardless of its industry, stands to benefit from our on board delivery.  Our skilled couriers cater to a wide array of sectors, including the legal sphere, manufacturing, IT and life sciences to name a few.

For those seeking on board delivery, rest assured that we're well-equipped to meet your needs. As long as your parcel aligns with customs regulations and weighs under 23 kilograms, we're ready to facilitate a seamless delivery experience.

Simplified Delivery Process

When it comes to overseas delivery, our first choice is on board delivery, known for its speed and simplicity.  Once we receive your request, we swiftly provide an estimated quote and once you accept and make the payment, we swing into action by selecting the perfect courier for your specific requirements.

The courier collects your parcel from the designated location, transporting it to the nearest or best routed airport for its international journey.  The parcel is securely stored in the airplane's cabin holding lockers or aircraft hold, meticulously monitored by our courier throughout the flight.  Upon reaching the destination airport, we arrange for road transport to ensure the final leg of the journey.

Stay Informed Every Step of the Way

Transparency is key in our journey together.  Throughout the process, our courier maintains real-time communication, providing live delivery updates. If you're particularly engaged, our parcel tracking service offers minute-by-minute location updates.

Getting in Touch - Seamless Interaction

We've streamlined the process of engaging with us. Whether you're seeking pricing details or have specific inquiries, our channels are open. Reach out to us directly or fill out our form for a free quote. If you require immediate assistance, give us a call to speak to a team member in real-time.

Comprehensive Global Reach

From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, Pony Express spans the globe, ensuring your parcels reach even the most remote destinations.

Reliable & Swift Delivery Services

Prompt Response

Count on us for a within 30-60 minutes collection.  With over 3000 UK couriers, drivers and hand carry specialists at your service, day or night, 


Same Day European Courier Service

Urgent deliveries to Europe by road transport, your own dedicated van with direct drive delivery to final destination.

Urgent Courier & Delivery Service - Urgent Delivery

Urgent Courier Service

Need to get your item delivered urgently, like today?

Pony Express Couriers can help, we are the quickest and most reliable nationwide courier for time critical and urgent deliveries nationwide.

With fast collections and same day deliveries.

On Board Courier Service

On Board Courier Service

Use our Elite service for international and overseas deliveries of your time sensitive cargo.

On Board Hand Carry Couriers

Pony Express elite Hand Carry and Onboard Couriers are the world leading transport providers in accompanied hand carry logistics for time critical shipments around the globe, with over 30 years of experience in serving blue chip clients internationally.  With same day deliveries to global destinations and major business hubs such as Paris, Beijing, New York, Hong Kong, London, Dubai, Frankfurt, Singapore, Mumbai, and New Delhi just to mention a few.  The simplest way to send your time critical consignments is just a phone call away and you can get your item in the air quickly with QuickMove™.  Premium delivery as standard.

What we offer in a glance:

  • Instant quotation via our On Board Courier Calculator, the world first.
  • Easy booking.
  • Simple 2 minute instant quote by phone or email.
  • PDF quotation document sent by email detailing the complete job in hand.
  • Collection within 60 minutes from client accepting quotation and making booking.
  • QuickMove™ service to ensure rapid collection and swift delivery.
  • Collecting/delivering on board courier details relayed to client and receiver.
  • Client is constantly updated with the progress of the consignment.
  • Flight details given to client and receiver.

QuickMove with hand carry up to 7kg or cabin hold up to 20kg

What is QuickMove?

"QuickMove" is a on-board hand carry courier service that gets the item moving quickly, with the client having the goods ready to go in a flight ready case. If the item is under 7kg and can fit into a cabin friendly bag or a item that is under 20kg that can fit into a suitcase, and should be ready when the courier arrives to collect.

How to book?

The easiest way to book your  on board hand carry courier is to give our dedicated team a call on

+44 (0)3300 300 013 and we can issue a quote and get the booking underway.

QuickMove™ with extras provided by Pony Sameday Couriers

  • Send your item Business or First Class  This can ensure you can send double the amount as normal in business and triple the amount in first.
  • Extra Security  Send a Pony security agent to accompany your item and the on-board courier from collection to delivery.
  • Deadline Delivery  Your items delivered in time critical speed.
  • Contracts and Tenders  You have worked hard preparing your business contract or tender, send it secure with PonEx on board couriers to worldwide destinations with our hand carry couriers.
  • Items never leave the courier  Your items once collected by the courier will never leave the site of the collecting courier until the destination.
  • Tracked all the way  Your cargo is fully tracked all the way to its final destination.
Don't leave your goods in the hands of a pigeon post courier,