Onboard Courier Booking & Delivery Process | London to Singapore

Customer's Schedule for Booking an Onboard Courier from London to Singapore:

Day 1:
1. 08:00 - Customer contacts Pony Express, providing details of the shipment, collection, and delivery addresses.
2. 08:30 - Pony Express provides a quote based on shipment dimensions, weight, and urgency.
3. 09:30 - Customer confirms the booking and provides necessary documents.
4. 09:45 - Pony Express sends invoice for the order and booking.
5. 10:00 -  Pony Express arranges a suitable pickup date and time with client.

Day 2 (or day of collection):
1. 09:00 - Pony Express courier arrives at the collection location in London.
2. 15:00 Courier arrives at the Heathrow Airport (LHR) and boards a flight to Singapore as an onboard courier.

Day 3 (+1day, due to time difference: 
1. 10:00 - OBC Courier arrives in Singapore Changi International Airport.
2. 11:00 - OBC Courier clears customs and proceeds to the delivery address.
3. 12:30 - OBC Courier delivers the shipment to the recipient in Singapore.
4. 12:35 - Customer receives confirmation of successful delivery and POD with proof such as photo evidence and signature.

Pony Express' Process:

Day 1:
1. Quote Generation: Pony Express calculates cost and provides a quote based on shipment details.
2. Customer Confirmation: Once the customer confirms, Pony Express requests necessary documents.
3. Booking Confirmation: Pony Express confirms the booking, arranges pickup details, and provides a timeline.
4. Document Submission: Customer submits required documents, such as customs paperwork.

Day 2 (or day of collection):
1. Pickup Arrangement: Pony Express coordinates with the courier for pickup in London.
2. Flight Booking: Pony Express books a flight for the courier as an onboard courier to Singapore.
3. Flight Journey: Courier boards the flight carrying the shipment as hand-carry luggage.
4. Arrival in Singapore: Courier lands in Singapore and clears customs with the shipment.
5. Delivery Coordination: Pony Express arranges local transport in Singapore to meet OBC courier just landed.
6. Last-Mile Delivery: The onboard courier delivers the shipment to the recipient in Singapore.

Note: The actual timeline might vary based on flight availability, customs clearance, and unforeseen circumstances.  Pony Express specialises in expedited and hand-carry shipments, ensuring the fastest possible delivery while adhering to customs regulations and security protocols.  The above is a typical scenario of how a hand carry and onboard delivery from London to Singapore would be carried out.


Same Day European Courier Service

Urgent deliveries to Europe by road transport, your own dedicated van with direct drive delivery to final destination.

Urgent Courier & Delivery Service - Urgent Delivery

Urgent Courier Service

Need to get your item delivered urgently, like today?

Pony Express Couriers can help, we are the quickest and most reliable nationwide courier for time critical and urgent deliveries nationwide.

With fast collections and same day deliveries.

On Board Courier Service

On Board Courier Service

Use our Elite service for international and overseas deliveries of your time sensitive cargo.

On Board Hand Carry Couriers

Pony Express elite Hand Carry and Onboard Couriers are the world leading transport providers in accompanied hand carry logistics for time critical shipments around the globe, with over 30 years of experience in serving blue chip clients internationally.  With same day deliveries to global destinations and major business hubs such as Paris, Beijing, New York, Hong Kong, London, Dubai, Frankfurt, Singapore, Mumbai, and New Delhi just to mention a few.  The simplest way to send your time critical consignments is just a phone call away and you can get your item in the air quickly with QuickMove™.  Premium delivery as standard.

What we offer in a glance:

  • Instant quotation via our On Board Courier Calculator, the world first.
  • Easy booking.
  • Simple 2 minute instant quote by phone or email.
  • PDF quotation document sent by email detailing the complete job in hand.
  • Collection within 60 minutes from client accepting quotation and making booking.
  • QuickMove™ service to ensure rapid collection and swift delivery.
  • Collecting/delivering on board courier details relayed to client and receiver.
  • Client is constantly updated with the progress of the consignment.
  • Flight details given to client and receiver.

QuickMove with hand carry up to 7kg or cabin hold up to 20kg

What is QuickMove?

"QuickMove" is a on-board hand carry courier service that gets the item moving quickly, with the client having the goods ready to go in a flight ready case. If the item is under 7kg and can fit into a cabin friendly bag or a item that is under 20kg that can fit into a suitcase, and should be ready when the courier arrives to collect.

How to book?

The easiest way to book your  on board hand carry courier is to give our dedicated team a call on

+44 (0)3300 300 013 and we can issue a quote and get the booking underway.

QuickMove™ with extras provided by Pony Sameday Couriers

  • Send your item Business or First Class  This can ensure you can send double the amount as normal in business and triple the amount in first.
  • Extra Security  Send a Pony security agent to accompany your item and the on-board courier from collection to delivery.
  • Deadline Delivery  Your items delivered in time critical speed.
  • Contracts and Tenders  You have worked hard preparing your business contract or tender, send it secure with PonEx on board couriers to worldwide destinations with our hand carry couriers.
  • Items never leave the courier  Your items once collected by the courier will never leave the site of the collecting courier until the destination.
  • Tracked all the way  Your cargo is fully tracked all the way to its final destination.
Don't leave your goods in the hands of a pigeon post courier,